Emedia works clients to clarify and refine their web business goals, web target audience needs, and online marketing requirements. Website Strategy and Planning

While successful companies typically have clearly defined business objectives, they are notorious for not having clearly defined website or Internet marketing objectives. Why would they? They are neither designers nor web experts! Emedia solves this problem by asking the right questions and aligning business objectives with that of a constantly evolving and ever demanding web community.

During the Emedia strategic planning process, we work with our clients to clarify and refine their business goals, competitive advantage, target audience needs, and online marketing requirements. Our findings and recommendations are formalized into a set of project goals and specifications.

Emedia's strategic planning documents often consist of the following:

Executive Summary | Creative Brief and Specification | Technical Brief and Specification

User Task Analysis | Online Marketing Recommendations | Design and Development Plan


Emedia understands that the key to building a stellar web presence is having clear and defined business objectives. We have the technical and business skills to help you crystallize these objectives as they pertain to the web. Whether they are business, social, cultural, or humanitarian, we can assist you with identifying online opportunities, planning, and developing your initiatives to meet your web goals.


Today, customers rely on the Internet to learn more about a business before doing business. It's important to make sure your website creates a favorable impression. Emedia creates professional, clean and easy to understand layouts that effectively promote your products and services to your target audience. We strive to have your site reflect your organizational goals to engage new customers and partners.


Emedia Web HostingAt Emedia, we provide web hosting as a value-added service for our design customers. This 'boutique' approach allows us to provide a winning combination of generous web space, useful features, and signature customer service at a competitive price. Our mission is to keep pricing affordable for any budget and provide unparalleled services that fit the needs of all.